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Hockey Apparel


Merrill Youth Hockey helmet and vehicle stickers are for sale at the concession stand.
Helmet Stickers: $1.00 for a set of 2
Vehicle/Window Stickers: $3.00 each
Please stop by the concession stand to purchase your Merrill Hockey stickers.  This is a great way to promote the fun your kids are having playing hockey.  In addition to your car, the stickers will look pretty cool on the grandparents’ vehicles, too!

Merrill Youth Hockey Apparel

Hats, Caps, Blankets, Hoodies, Sweatpants, T-Shirts..... Check it out! Order your Merrill Youth Hockey Apparel by going to the above web site. Fast, easy and part of your proceeds are returned to the organization. Thank you for supporting our kids on the ice.

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