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Volunteers Needed

Merrill Youth Hockey is looking for some help!  Don't be shy....

Interim Treasurer - person to assist from now through elections in March 2015. Those interested should contact Cory McCorkle, Jeff Cammack or Angela Bailey for additional information.

Mite Coordinator - person to oversee the Mite level programming.  Interested? Contact Cory McCorkle.

Thank you for considering helping out our players.

Cory, Jeff, and Angela's contact information is noted under the "BOARD" tab.  We want to hear from you.  Give us a call!

Merrill High School Hockey Golf Scramble

Mark your calendars, reserve the date, turn off your cell phone, do what you need to do to help support our Merrill High School Hockey Players.  September 20th is the date Merrill HS Hockey is having a golf scramble fund raiser at Merrill Golf Club.   Cost is $50 per golfer.  Guaranteed to be a fun day.  Contact Rhonda Ladewig for additional details (contact information is located under the "BOARD" tab).

Squirt A State Champions!!

2014 Squirt 4A State Champs!!!

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Summer and Off Season Concession Stand Update

Thank you for all your help and dedication during the 2013-2014 hockey season.  Our organization has been built and run by volunteers.  It will continue to be as great as the volunteers who run it.  Please read through this carefully and ask if you have any questions.
As you know we are responsible to handle all events that are booked at the Smith Center once the ice is out.  Attached you will find a summer work schedule that was created for the events that the City has scheduled thus far.  You will notice that there are many weekends where there is not an event scheduled at this time.  We have workers listed in case something is booked those weekends.  We have tried our best to note the times of the events that have been booked thus far, but this is not always possible.  You will receive a notice via email from Karie Jo DeBroux or Nancy McCorkle on what the events will take place if not on the calendar already. 

The last tab on the document is a contact list.  If you are not able to work your event(s), it is your responsibility to find a replacement.  When you find a replacement, please alert Karie Jo DeBroux or Nancy McCorkle ASAP.  This way we can communicate to others that are scheduled to work, who will be working with them.  If you do not show up for your assigned event, you will receive a fine in the mail of $25.00 that is to be paid before registration for the next hockey season.  This is definitely not something that we want to do.

Do you have any broken wooden hockey sticks?

Don't throw that broken stick away!  Our master trophy-maker uses wooden hockey sticks to create tournament tropheys.  Please bring your broken sticks to the concession stand.

Playing Hockey Out of Town?

Locate directions to the rink by going to the "Maps" tab and clicking on the link "hockey arenas in Wisconsin."


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